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A Look Back at 2016

By |February 9th, 2017|

A Look Back at 2016

As we begin 2017, we reflect upon the returns of the previous year: the Standard & Poor’s 500 was up 11.9%, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 16.5%, the iShares iBoxx High Grade Corporate Bond Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) was up 6.2%, while its high yield version, the largest […]

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A Look Back at Q3 2016

By |October 25th, 2016|

The S&P 500 was up 3.85% for the three-month period ending September 30th, 2016, while the MSCI World Index was up 4.99%.  During that same period, the Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate and the J.P. Morgan Global Aggregate Bond indices had a total return of 0.45% and 0.69%, respectively.  Once again, the main global macro […]

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A Look Back at Q2, 2016

By |July 13th, 2016|

The sell-off in the financial markets in the beginning of this year opened up a seemingly endless series of surprising events so far, namely the Japanese negative interest rate policy, the European Central Bank’s program to purchase corporate bonds, the not-so-clear Fed’s path towards normalization and the unexpected result of the British referendum. […]

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A Look Back at Q1, 2016

By |April 19th, 2016|

In late January, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) surprised global markets with its historical decision to introduce a negative interest rate policy (NIRP) for the first time in its history. In early March, the European Central Bank (ECB) announced a much anticipated stimulus with a broad spectrum of strong policy decisions. These […]

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A Look Back at 2015 and the Year Ahead

By |February 3rd, 2016|

Since the 2008 financial crisis, asset allocation has played an important role for portfolio returns with both equity and fixed income generally delivering good returns driven by steady economic growth, low inflation and a loose monetary policy. However, last year, equity and fixed income markets bucked the trend. In fact, the U.S. stock markets […]

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A Customized, Conservative Culture

By |March 17th, 2014|

The Suit Magazine: A Customized, Conservative Culture
By Amy Armstrong

Recent surveys conducted by Franklin Templeton and Forbes indicate that investors on the whole – but especially baby boomers reaching retirement – are indeed taking a much more conservative investment approach. Indeed, Rajesh Gupta, together with his partners Richard Sanchez, Ronald Lenihan and Edward Sullivan, has taken more than just a few notes on that subject, since it typifies their approach to investment and wealth management. Blame it on the bear market in the early 2000s, or attribute it to the financial meltdown from 2007 to 2009, the resulting lessons have led investors and financial advisers such as Gupta to become well-versed in wealth preservation. […]

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