SeaCrest Investment Management applies its deep knowledge base of seasoned asset management professionals to existing investment opportunities. SeaCrest’s founders have held senior positions at major investment management firms around the world. With our discipline and insight into market trends, we seek to deliver attractive risk-adjusted alpha in our portfolios. We strive to exceed clients’ expectations for their risk-adjusted portfolio returns, as well as their customer service needs.

Firm Structure

Staircase, China

SeaCrest Investment Management is a fee-based money management firm providing investment management services to high net-worth individuals and institutions. The firm is not an Investment Bank or a Broker/Dealer and does not derive revenue from transaction charges.

Portfolio Review

Portfolio ReviewIndividual portfolios are reviewed regularly to analyze performance versus the relevant benchmark and market trends. Portfolio results are summarized and delivered to clients quarterly in hard copy or electronic format. Our investment team is available to discuss your portfolio on an as-needed basis.