Global Clean Energy

The SeaCrest Global Clean Energy Composite tracks the SeaCrest Global Clean Energy Index, a market capitalization-weighted equity index designed to serve as a benchmark for global stocks traded on major US stock exchanges. This portfolio tracks the following clean energy sectors: Clean & Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Infrastructure, Materials, Power Management and Water Management.

The Index is comprised of eight main CleanTech business segments:

  1. Bio-energy – soybean, grain, ethanol & cellulosic biofuel and biomass
  2. Clean Power – geothermal power, small hydroelectric recovered energy, microturbines, distributed power generation, cogeneration & energy intelligence
  3. Energy Efficiency – LED, energy saving technologies, HVAC continuous monitoring, emissions reduction technologies and other intelligent controls
  4. Energy Management – energy intelligence, smart grid, advanced metering, demand response & power management
  5. Fuel Cells – stationary fuel cell power storage, plug-in hybrids, hydrogen generation products, liquid fuel cell power products and test systems.
  6. Solar Power – photo-voltaic (PV), thin film, concentrated solar power (CSP), Copper, Indium, Gallium, and Selenium (CIGS) & solar thermal
  7. Water Management – water production, treatment, desalination and flow measurement & control technologies
  8. Wind Power – turbine manufacturers, small scale wind farms and large scale utility providers